What is a Domain Name?

Simply put www.xyz.com is a domain name. So if somebody is looking for the services zyz.com are offering, he will go to a computer connected to the internet and open a web browser like Internet Explorer or FireFox and type the domain name in the address bar of the browser. This in turn will open their website and display on his computer screen all the products or services they are offering which will enable him to make a quick an informed decision before buying the services.

Technically speaking a domain name identifies a computer or computers on the internet and appears as a component of a web site’s URL like xyz.com. A domain is also referred to as a hostname or web addresses. Every domain name is associated with a set of I.P. addresses or numbers which uniquely identifies your website or your host computer on which your website files are hosted or located.

When Internet was initially setup, every computer on the net was uniquely identified by a set of I.P. addresses like But it soon became apparent that humans had a hard time remembering those I.P. addresses which computers were so good at. So some sort of solution was needed where humans could remember each others website addresses without having to memorize I.P. addresses. And thus the domain naming system was born.

Humans find it easy to remember words and phrases, so it is earlier for us to remember xyz.com rather than remember When we type xyz.com our computers on the internet maps those names with the worldwide DNS mapping servers and translates those domain names to IPs so that the computer can understand them. So now it becomes easier for both the humans and computers to interpret domain names.

Author: Amrit Ray is the founder and CEO of Ray Creations Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. A web designer company involved in the web design and web hosting of online websites and software.

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