Domain Name Selling Why it Shouldn’t Work

You’ve probably seen domain names for sale for ridiculous amounts of money. Think those names will lead to surefire online success? Before you get tempted to buy one of those names, read this article. One of the most interesting phenomena on the Internet is the selling of domain names. In some situations it […]

The Domain Selling Business …. How to Really Make Money on Internet !

The Domain Selling Business How to really make money on Internet The Domain Selling Business. A real business where insight and timing are critical. Where smart people can make money by making smart moves. In other words, a true Internet business that could make you a millionaire. If you have the skills, the smarts and […]

Selling Domain Names On Ebay Part Ii

Analyzing eBay completed listing of domain sales for last two weeks in $1-$1000 price range. The main difficulty is to determine if the actual sales are real, especially at the high end of the range. In fact, the very first reported sale $999 for “Google Nexus One Premier Domain Pack” (the title itself scares me […]

One In A Million Domain Names Selling For Millions

Investors looking for new investment opportunities might consider investing in Real Estate with prices that are actually on the rise . Not traditional Real Estate but electronic Real Estate aka Domain names says an Internet pioneer. Two blockbuster domain names sales were reported in the last week including which sold for a reported 5.1 […]

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