How to choose the right domain name for your company

As the editor of, I’m frequently e-mailed by people asking for domain name advice. Specifically, what should they look for when registering a domain name for their company? This may be basic for some of you, but I hope some of my readers gain value from this. Let me start with the things to […]

Getting the Right Website for Your Business – the Domain Name

  This can be achieved as simply as getting your business details listed in an online directory such as, however to put across a truly professional image it is worth seriously considering having a website designed for your business. This series of articles will touch on some of the factors that […]

Make Sure You Read This About Picking The Right Domain Name

What are domain names, and why are they used? This question has been asked by many people curious about online culture. Basically, a domain name is the online address of a particular website. It is supposed to be designed so as to make a particular website stand out from the others; something to give it […]

How to Purchase the Right Domain Name

Creating a website takes a lot of work. You have to purchase the domain name, purchase hosting, and create your website. Most of the time it falls together very nicely, but it takes time and a lot of hard work to get it there. One of the most important things to consider is your domain […]

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