Register a Web Domain

Your very first step to getting that website online is to register a web domain name. Now, quite often the term “web domain” and “website address” are used interchangeably but just so you know, a domain name and a website address are one in the same; they’re just two different methods of saying the same […]

Register a domain name, identify yourself in the web world

When I say domain name I mean—the identity of your territory (domain) within Internet, an unimaginably huge metaspace. Technically, Domain name allows web users to type in a name like, which identifies a numeric web address such as Domain names are like e-identity which is unique to a website. It acts as your […]

How Do I Register A Domain Name?

How To Register  Domain Name  The first step to selecting a domain name is to brainstorm,ponder on  a list of possible domain names for your online  business. you can use a tool i found on the net that has not become common.(….Ideally, your domain name should contain your business name, if possible. Customers who remember […]

Registering Domain Names – 6 Must-have Items Before You Register That Domain Name

Thinking about registering domain names for your website? Trying to find a good, cheap domain name?If you have a look around, you’ll find that registering domain names can cost between $2.99 – $34.99 per year. It all depends on whether your domain name ends with .com and what features are included.As a general rule, good […]

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