How to choose the right domain name for your company

As the editor of, I’m frequently e-mailed by people asking for domain name advice. Specifically, what should they look for when registering a domain name for their company? This may be basic for some of you, but I hope some of my readers gain value from this. Let me start with the things to […]

Tips on How to Choose a Domain Name

How to choose a domain name is not as the same as you think, as there are hundreds of domain names being used, that how’s the domain owner plans to the market after he or she begins choosing a domain name. You need to treat it as a kind of product or service.For example, differenc […]

Which Domain Name Do I Choose?

What is the best domain name to choose? This is good question. Let’s say I am starting a new business venture. I have decided on my company name and it is registered with the relevant authorities. My company is called Joe’s Trading Ltd and I sell cheap widgets. I now need to get my domain […]

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