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Domain names represent the address of your website. A domain name that is well designed, Search engine optimized (SEO) and informative, reveals a lot about the nature of the business and kind of product or service the user can expect to find there. The use of the right keywords in the domain name will help search engines list your website in the search results page for relevant keyword searches. The more relevant your website address, the better the chances for your domain name being ranked high on search engines.

If you are newbie or a business which is creating a web presence for the first time, you are in the happy position of brain storming on your domain name and coming up with something that exactly describes your business or service. You may also consult with anĀ SEO expert to pick the right words to SEO your domain name.

As a first step you need to list down all the keywords that describe your business and design a domain name that reflects the nature of the work that you do or the product that you have to offer. If your product has a branding and is popular, it may be good idea to pick on the popular brand and integrate it into your web address. This will help your users recognize your services or your business on the basis of their familiarity with your brand. Alternately, if you have no such brand, you may pick keywords that relate to the industry and create a domain name that reflects the products and services offered by the industry. SEO experts can guide you through this process and help you pick the right name for your domain.

Hyphens are acceptable in domain names. But use of more than two hyphens in a domain name may be frowned down upon by some search engines. You may use as many hyphens as you like in the inner file names. Nevertheless, search engines read hyphens in domain names as spaces. It is ok to pick a domain name that contains hyphens if you have no option.

The next step in the selection of the right domain name would be deciding upon the kind of extension you want for your domain. If you are not sure about the types of extensions available to you, just surf the Internet and you will find a number of sites which will give you the necessary information. Consultants too can help you with the different extensions and will help you find one that will suit your business or service. If you are a commercial business, it is best to select a .com extension. Organization would pick .org. If you want to be country specific you may like to pick country specific domain extension such as or and so on.

By far, the most popular domain extension is .com. It is best to get your domain name registered with that extension. If that is not possible, it may be a good idea to register your site with any other domain name and use a .com secondary domain name to point to the first domain name.

A few organizations insist on getting their domain name registered with all kinds of extensions and they make all these domain names point to the same website. This is not a good idea, as search engines will treat this as Domain name spam and may even black list the site. So, if you are of the mind to get all extensions with your domain name registered in your name, do so by all means, but make sure that you do not use the different domain names to point to the same web site!

Once you have the domain name registered in your name, you have completed the first step required to launch you into cyberspace! You are now ready for the next step in the process!

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