How to Pick a Great Profitable Domain Name

Your domain name is an extremely important choice. It should be memorable and reflect what your website is about. The choice of domain name will depend partly on whether it is for personal use, business use or to providing information to visitors.

Try to combine information with something catchy in order to get visitors’ attention and help them remember your domain name. A pet store might use or You don’t have to use correct spelling in a domain name; in fact, in some cases a misspelling can become a signature of sorts that makes your domain unique.

A relatively short domain name is usually preferable to a longer one unless the name is actually a phrase or statement, such as for a tutoring website or for a millionaire matchmaking site.   

To stand out from the crowd, don’t be too generic. Being memorable is all about sticking in people’s mind! If you sell real estate, you could use, but might fit your hip image if you are courting a younger demographic like first time buyers.

The most popular domain registration is .com simply because most people, if they aren’t sure what the complete domain address is, will assume it is .com. More domains end in .com than any other ending. It’s worth it to pay a bit more to register this form of domain name.

A hyphen in a domain name is OK to use if the site is purely for search engine purpose only since humans won’t be remembering the name that often.

Online, your domain name is far more important than your brand name – this is why lot of online businesses have their domain name as their brand name and not the other way around.

Take  your time to look for the right domain name for your businesst, this could very well your best investment of all.

The final test of a great domain name is asking others if they will remember it and understand what your site does. If your chosen name passes this test with flying colors, you’re on your way to owning a great domain name!

Most web surfers relate the .com extension with stability and trustworthiness. However  If you are trying to brand yourself with a specific audience such as individuals in UK  only why not purchase a extension.

A shorter domain is more likely to be spelled correctly , as it requires fewer characters. Less chances for mistakes. It’s a fact, longer names are more likely to be spelled incorrectly. Can happend that your competitors may be looking to take advantage of mis-spelled domains by owning some common mis-spellings of your name!





If you would like to become a domainer and make money with domain names, you should get more information on it. Visit websites that cover the subject in more detail.

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