Hot News Windows Phone 7 Domain Name At 7 Million Dollars At Ebay

Today, March 24 – 2010, the domain business on the internet is back again. The Hottest News on the internet, TV and news today is that the Windows Phone 7 Domain Name is on sale at 7 Million Dollars on the eBay website.

The bidding starts at 1 Million US dollars and will end on March. The buy it now price is 7 Million Dollars. This is one of the best domain names sale on eBay at a high price.┬áThis is the hottest news today on the internet and will hit the Microsoft’s head office pretty soon this week. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs should be watching this 7 Million US dollars worth domain name which is listed on eBay’s website.

Today on, a domain name is on sale for the Windows Phone 7 product. The “buy it now” price is 7 Million US dollars and the bidding starts at 1 Million US dollars. The upcoming revolutionary phone from Microsoft called Windows Phone 7 has a website that is too long. Microsoft never thought that someone would come up with a pretty short, sweet and easy domain name for it’s upcoming phone.

The domain name is and once again Microsoft failed to choose a perfect and short name for it’s product. The link to eBay’s listing for this 7 Million dollar domain name is

All we have to do is wait and watch to see who will own the domain name for what price. It is good to see the domain business coming up. In the mean time, retweet this news, update it on your facebook, watch the bid and tell the story to your friends. Spread the word.

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