Earn Extra Cash With Domain Parking Services

When you consider using domain parking services, it is important to find a reputable company. There are many services advertised online, but not all of them give you the best deal for your fee. Some services will take a percentage of the commissions that you earn through the advertising on your site. Others expect a flat fee up-front. How much you end up spending on domain parking services will really depend on how much traffic your site gets and how many click-throughs you receive.

Different Payment Types

In the payment-through-clicks type of domain parking services the service really only makes money if they do a great job getting people to visit the site and click the links. You only pay for their successful search engine optimization and web marketing attempts, which means that if they dont do a good job you arent out any extra money.

If they demand a flat monthly or one-time fee, you may feel more like youve wasted your money. Parked domains dont generate any traffic on their own because they arent full-fledged websites. Its entirely possible that your domain parking services will create advertising on the parked domain that doesnt generate much traffic so youll have paid for the domain and paid for the service with very little money coming back to you in return.

Are You Losing Money?

If you own a parked domain and there is nothing on it, however, you are definitely losing money. There is no reason that you should have a domain that is just a spaceholder. That domain page is live and online put something there that has a chance of generating some income, even if its just a small amount. Domain parking services are usually run by experience web marketers who know how to draw traffic, and also know how to convert that traffic to click-throughs once people find the site.

Domain Parking Services are Focused

The power of domain parking services is that they will take the time to create web marketing links on your parked domain that are focused on the consumers who found your site through the domain name. For example, If your parked domain is dogs.com, a domain parking service will fill the site with links to dog related topics.

More than just supplying the right types of links for the domain, domain parking services will also create search engine friendly content that can help drive traffic to your parked domain. Your site may not be comprehensive or ready to advertise your companys products, but it can still contain all of the right keyword density and powerfully rich content that will get it noticed by search engines.

One of the most effective ways traffic can find your parked domain is if your domain name is simple and descriptive. Web consumers dont like to wait, so they sometimes begin a search by just typing the relevant search term into their browsers address bar to see what they find. If someone is looking for oranges, they may type in oranges.com to see whats out there. If you happen to own oranges.com, youd love to have lots of good orange-related content that these customers can link on instead of a big sign that says coming soon.

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