Domain Parking 101 With Examples Part 1

Domain parking is one of the best way to make money online. In order to earn money from domain parking you need to register a domain and parked your domain with domain monetizing service such as sedo.

When the visitor visit your parked domain and clicks on sponsor links your get revenue for each click you receive from your parked domain.

The following are example of parked domains:

Sedo sample site:

parked sample site:

advance domain monetizing with and sample site.

whypark is content based parking and require one time joining fee. But have advantage with search engine. i.e. search engine will index your pages, domain will rank better in long run. you can use google adsense, yahoo ypn, text-ads-link or adbride to monetize you web site. Additionaly you can add your own pages to the website.

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