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Domain Name purchase and registrations are often confused with hosting fees and other expenses related to starting a web site. Hosting refers to the service provided by companies which have several specialized computers called “servers” which are always on in order to keep a web site. up and running 24/7. On the other hand, domain name registration is the action of researching, choosing and locking up a web site. name’ which is also referred to as a ‘dot com’ address for your web site.

In order to launch a web site., these are two indispensable things a webmaster must have as one can not work without the other. Ever since the web became popular ‘dot com or domain names’ have revolutionized the industry as many users would like to lock highly effective-one word terms as their web site. names, a few examples are: buy, men, sell, business, cardiology, seniors, text, local, spices, etc.

Most the one word domain names mentioned above are being auctioned at incredibly high prices (in some cases millions of dollars) because many users will bypass search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) by typing the site name directly into their browsers, thus having a greater deal of highly targeted traffic without having to pay for advertising or pay-per-click ads.

What is even more amazing is the amount of money these domain names were originally purchased for! As many webmasters and savvy web users know domain names are very cheap nowadays. Depending on the hosting company used (GoDaddy, Netfirms, Gator, etc) to purchase the domain, users can own a domain name for a period of one up to 5 years for just a few dollars a year (usually between 1.99-9.99 USD)

Choosing the right domain name can certainly the the best investment a webmaster can ever do, that is why domains are called ‘online real estate’. A very important aspect to have in mind when purchasing a domain name is to understand the copyright infringement laws, patents, trademarks, do’s and don’ts in your country. If a webmaster registers a domain name such as “AOLcomplaints, yourFicoCreditScore, eBayPrograms and such” the domain owner may have to deal with a great deal of ‘undesired email’ from these companies as those specific names can not be used without their written authorization, so choose carefully and wisely.

Domain name prices usually vary according to their top level domain (TLD) which are coded according to the web site. type for instance, government sites will have a TLD of .gov, commercial sites a .com TLD, educational sites will have an .edu TLD and specific countries will have their special TLD as well. The trick to choose a good domain name is : KISS (Keep it simple stup…!) and choose words which can be easy to remember without using too many hyphens.

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